What is Illustration? And why is it good for your business?

What is Illustration?

An illustration is a visual interpretation of specific content, text, process, or something else. This is a graphic image created to clarify the ideas that people receive from other information sources (most often, of course, it is text). The main task of any illustration is to help people better understand and imagine something in their heads. We have come across illustrations from childhood everywhere and always, in books, magazines, banners, posters, and newspapers. With the development of the information industry, images have burst into the world of web and app design.

Reasons why custom illustration is important for your business

  • People remember unique visuals. We receive most of the information visually. Therefore, it is not surprising that our liking or dislike for a website can be based only on some pictures.
  • Good illustration catches the user’s eye and increases brand awarenes. Drawings with a “wow-effect” are noticeable everywhere: on websites, signs, bus stops, in offices, on the streets of buildings. When seeing an exciting image, your potential client wants to learn about your product or service. Then it’s up to you: get clients, increase profits, expand your business.
  • Unique drawings distinguish your business from competitors. They pay off many times because the client remembers your product. Yours, not a faceless competitor. And what clients like and remember, they buy again.
  • The image supports your content. The reader perceives information with images much better than dry text content. The effectiveness of the illustration will depend on how closely it matches the content, say of an article or landing page. And if the cover works like bait so that the reader wants to press a button and see the continuation of the story, then the pictures in the text are designed to hold their attention (especially in long reads).
  • Illustration establishes an emotional appeal to the user.
  • Illustration helps give a brand a personality. It can be more playful, charming, approachable, professional, or display all of the above.

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